J. R. Fontes & Filhos, Lda has more than 65 years of experience and knowledge on the industry.

The history of J. R. Fontes & Filhos, Lda has started to be written more than 65 years ago, in Ermesinde, by the hand of Joaquim Fontes. The entrepreneur was known as a visionary, with strong values and with the mission of meeting the market's needs of leather.

Since them, the business remains in the family and it is on its third generation cycle. The experience and the share of knowledge between different generations have been the key driver of evolution, growth and improvement.

Proximity, product quality, transparency and innovation were crucial to the business' development and to reinforce the relationship with employees, suppliers, clients and stakeholders.

From a strategic point of view, continuous settlement of goals are important to business growth and to strengthen our clients' trust. In that sense and having in mind the climate crisis that are affecting the planet, the business has decided to set goals to reduce its ecological footprint. In 2020, solar panels were installed to ensure that part of the energy consumption comes from renewable sources. Additionally, the business is also cooperating with partners and studying the implementation of new tools that meet the defined goals.