All leathers produced by J. R. Fontes & Filhos, Lda are coming from animals destined to human consumption in a logic of circular economy and efficient use of resources.

All the leathers are coming from animals destined for human consumption, ensuring that savage or exotic leathers are not use. Leathers are a unique material that we use efficiently ensuring a circular economy.

The evolution of the tannery process brought a limited environmental impact on this industry. More over, leather is a material with high durability compared with synthetic materials that are used as an alternative. From an environmental point of view, synthetics are more noxious than natural leather. To prove the durability of natural leather, they can be repaired and renewed easily allowing them to pass from generation to generation with their quality intact. 

J. R. Fontes & Filhos works with bovine, goat and sheep. Leathers have different purposes such as: shoes, clothing, gloves, bags and handcraft. The business launches many collections every year with the purpose of promoting and innovating the product.